1. 07 Sep, 2020 3 commits
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      Introduce isBoxedTupleDataCon and use it to fix #18644 · c1e54439
      Ryan Scott authored
      The code that converts promoted tuple data constructors to
      `IfaceType`s in `GHC.CoreToIface` was using `isTupleDataCon`, which
      conflates boxed and unboxed tuple data constructors. To avoid this,
      this patch introduces `isBoxedTupleDataCon`, which is like
      `isTupleDataCon` but only works for _boxed_ tuple data constructors.
      While I was in town, I was horribly confused by the fact that there
      were separate functions named `isUnboxedTupleCon` and
      `isUnboxedTupleTyCon` (similarly, `isUnboxedSumCon` and
      `isUnboxedSumTyCon`). It turns out that the former only works for
      data constructors, despite its very general name! I opted to rename
      `isUnboxedTupleCon` to `isUnboxedTupleDataCon` (similarly, I renamed
      `isUnboxedSumCon` to `isUnboxedSumDataCon`) to avoid this potential
      confusion, as well as to be more consistent with
      the naming convention I used for `isBoxedTupleDataCon`.
      Fixes #18644.
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    • Sylvain Henry's avatar
      DynFlags: use Platform in foldRegs* · 89ce7cdf
      Sylvain Henry authored
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      Don't rely on CLabel's Outputable instance in CmmToC · 1d6d6488
      Sylvain Henry authored
      This is in preparation of the removal of sdocWithDynFlags (#10143),
      hence of the refactoring of CLabel's Outputable instance.
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