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    Reduce fragmentation from m32_allocator · 82e36edc
    niteria authored
    This patch brings in two improvements:
    a) m32_allocator will now reuse the pages that are no longer
    used by anyone else.
    b) m32_allocator will preallocate the "filling" area,
    so that the pages it allocates end up as a big chunk
    instead of being allocated on demand in random places,
    fragmenting the precious lower 2G address space.
    Test Plan: testsuite - 3 tests failing with substTy asserts
    Reviewers: ezyang, austin, bgamari, erikd, hsyl20, simonmar
    Reviewed By: hsyl20, simonmar
    Subscribers: hvr, thomie
    Differential Revision: https://phabricator.haskell.org/D1976
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