Commit 04801365 authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh
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TH doesn't work in a stage 1 compiler

parent e182041f
...@@ -69,11 +69,14 @@ else ...@@ -69,11 +69,14 @@ else
RUNTEST_OPTS += -e ghc_with_dynamic_rts=0 RUNTEST_OPTS += -e ghc_with_dynamic_rts=0
endif endif
$(eval $(call get-ghc-field,GhcStage,Stage))
$(eval $(call get-ghc-feature-bool,GhcWithInterpreter,Have interpreter)) $(eval $(call get-ghc-feature-bool,GhcWithInterpreter,Have interpreter))
ifeq "$(GhcWithInterpreter)" "YES" ifeq "$(GhcWithInterpreter)" "NO"
RUNTEST_OPTS += -e ghc_with_interpreter=1 RUNTEST_OPTS += -e ghc_with_interpreter=0
else else ifeq "$(GhcStage)" "1"
RUNTEST_OPTS += -e ghc_with_interpreter=0 RUNTEST_OPTS += -e ghc_with_interpreter=0
RUNTEST_OPTS += -e ghc_with_interpreter=1
endif endif
$(eval $(call get-ghc-feature-bool,GhcUnregisterised,Unregisterised)) $(eval $(call get-ghc-feature-bool,GhcUnregisterised,Unregisterised))
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