Commit 1898f719 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Fix the pkg02 test to not depend on the network package

parent e1820f35
module A where module A where
import Network import Foreign -- a local module
import Network.Socket import Foreign.C -- a package module
y = Foreign.x
module Foreign (x) where
x = "test"
# This used to be a test for conflicting module names, but the error
# case that it was testing for went away (conflicting module names in
# separate packages are allowed). Now it is a straightforward test
# for shadowing: the local Foreign module shadows the base package
# one.
test('pkg02', test('pkg02',
[reqlib('network'), [extra_clean(['A.o', 'A.hi', 'Foreign.o', 'Foreign.hi'])],
extra_clean(['A.o', 'A.hi', 'Network.o', 'Network.hi'])],
multimod_compile, multimod_compile,
['A','-v0']) ['A','-v0'])
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