Commit 4d6aba8e authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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expand the shadow test a bit to cover #4072

parent 1898f719
...@@ -145,10 +145,24 @@ shadow: ...@@ -145,10 +145,24 @@ shadow:
$(LOCAL_GHC_PKGSHADOW2) register --force shadow3.pkg >shadow3.out 2>&1 $(LOCAL_GHC_PKGSHADOW2) register --force shadow3.pkg >shadow3.out 2>&1
echo "main = return ()" >shadow.hs echo "main = return ()" >shadow.hs
# In this test, shadow-1-XXX is shadowed by shadow-1-YYY, which causes
# shadowdep-1-XXX to be unavailable:
@echo "should FAIL:"
'$(TEST_HC)' -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW1) -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW2) -package shadowdep -c shadow.hs -fno-code || true '$(TEST_HC)' -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW1) -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW2) -package shadowdep -c shadow.hs -fno-code || true
# Reversing the order of the package.conf files should fix the problem:
@echo "should SUCCEED:"
'$(TEST_HC)' -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW2) -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW1) -package shadowdep -c shadow.hs -fno-code || true
# We can also fix the problem by using an explicit -package-id flag to
# specify a package we really want to use:
@echo "should SUCCEED:"
'$(TEST_HC)' -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW1) -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW2) -package-id shadowdep-1-XXX -c shadow.hs -fno-code '$(TEST_HC)' -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW1) -package-conf $(PKGCONFSHADOW2) -package-id shadowdep-1-XXX -c shadow.hs -fno-code
# The second one should succeed, by specifying -package-id we've
# explicitly overriden the default shadowing behaviour.
# ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# Try piping the output of "ghc-pkg describe" into "ghc-pkg update" for # Try piping the output of "ghc-pkg describe" into "ghc-pkg update" for
...@@ -5,3 +5,6 @@ localshadow1.package.conf: ...@@ -5,3 +5,6 @@ localshadow1.package.conf:
localshadow2.package.conf: localshadow2.package.conf:
(shadow-1) (shadow-1)
should FAIL:
should SUCCEED:
should SUCCEED:
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