Commit 509a0b92 authored by Andreas Klebinger's avatar Andreas Klebinger Committed by Ben Gamari

Restore Xmm registers properly in StgCRun.c

This fixes #16514: Xmm6-15 was restored based off rax instead of rsp.
The code was introduced in the fix for #14619.

(cherry picked from commit 9b131500)
parent 97c1ef86
......@@ -489,15 +489,15 @@ StgRunIsImplementedInAssembler(void)
"movq 48(%%rsp),%%rdi\n\t"
"movq 56(%%rsp),%%rsi\n\t"
"movq 64(%%rsp),%%xmm6\n\t"
"movq 72(%%rax),%%xmm7\n\t"
"movq 80(%%rax),%%xmm8\n\t"
"movq 88(%%rax),%%xmm9\n\t"
"movq 96(%%rax),%%xmm10\n\t"
"movq 104(%%rax),%%xmm11\n\t"
"movq 112(%%rax),%%xmm12\n\t"
"movq 120(%%rax),%%xmm13\n\t"
"movq 128(%%rax),%%xmm14\n\t"
"movq 136(%%rax),%%xmm15\n\t"
"movq 72(%%rsp),%%xmm7\n\t"
"movq 80(%%rsp),%%xmm8\n\t"
"movq 88(%%rsp),%%xmm9\n\t"
"movq 96(%%rsp),%%xmm10\n\t"
"movq 104(%%rsp),%%xmm11\n\t"
"movq 112(%%rsp),%%xmm12\n\t"
"movq 120(%%rsp),%%xmm13\n\t"
"movq 128(%%rsp),%%xmm14\n\t"
"movq 136(%%rsp),%%xmm15\n\t"
"addq %1, %%rsp\n\t"
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