Commit b62b8cea authored by Ömer Sinan Ağacan's avatar Ömer Sinan Ağacan Committed by Marge Bot
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Remove deprecated -smp flag

It was deprecated in 2012 with 46258b40
parent 66e511a4
......@@ -3021,8 +3021,6 @@ dynamic_flags_deps = [
------- ways ---------------------------------------------------------------
, make_ord_flag defGhcFlag "prof" (NoArg (addWay WayProf))
, make_ord_flag defGhcFlag "eventlog" (NoArg (addWay WayEventLog))
, make_dep_flag defGhcFlag "smp"
(NoArg $ addWay WayThreaded) "Use -threaded instead"
, make_ord_flag defGhcFlag "debug" (NoArg (addWay WayDebug))
, make_ord_flag defGhcFlag "threaded" (NoArg (addWay WayThreaded))
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