Commit c8636da5 authored by Sylvain Henry's avatar Sylvain Henry Committed by Marge Bot
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Fix LANG=C for readelf invocation in T14999

The test fails when used with LANG=fr_FR.UTF-8
parent f732dbec
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ debug:
'$(TEST_HC)' $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -O2 -g -c T14999.cmm -o T14999.o
gdb --batch -ex 'file T14999.o' -ex 'disassemble stg_catch_frame_info' --nx | tr -s '[[:blank:]\n]'
readelf --debug-dump=frames-interp T14999.o | tr -s '[[:blank:]\n]'
LANG=C readelf --debug-dump=frames-interp T14999.o | tr -s '[[:blank:]\n]'
'$(TEST_HC)' $(TEST_HC_OPTS) -c -O -ddump-asm T15196.hs | grep "jp " ; echo $$?
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