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users guide: initial commit of 8.4.3 release notes

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.. _release-8-4-3:
Release notes for version 8.4.3
This is a bug-fix release resolving several regressions introduced in 8.4.1.
The highlights, since the 8.4.2 release, are:
- A bug (:ghc-ticket:`15068`) causing GHC to produce assembler that would be rejected by
some versions of GNU Binutils, has been fixed.
- ``GHC.Compact.compact`` now properly handles ``SmallArray``\ s (:ghc-ticket:`13857`)
- A bug (:ghc-ticket:`15038`) resulting in memory corruption and crashes in some uses of
unboxed sums has been fixed.
- GHC now logs a message when an :ref:`environment file <package-environments>`
is loaded (:ghc-ticket:`15145`).
Full details
In addition to the highlights listed above, this release resolves a number of
other issues, described below.
No changes beyond those listed in Highlights.
Runtime system
- A bug causing aggressive potentially resulting in crashes when
(:rts-flag:`nursery chunks <-n ⟨size⟩>`) are used with a changing capability
count has been fixed.
Template Haskell
No changes.
``ghc`` library
No changes.
``base`` library
- Version bumped to to account for the addition of
- Add the ``readFieldHash`` function to ``GHC.Read`` which behaves like
``readField``, but for a field that ends with a ``#`` symbol.
``integer-gmp`` library
No changes.
Build system
No changes.
Included libraries
The package database provided with this distribution also contains a number of
packages other than GHC itself. See the changelogs provided with these packages
for further change information.
.. ghc-package-list::
libraries/array/array.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/base/base.cabal: Core library
libraries/binary/binary.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/bytestring/bytestring.cabal: Deppendency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/Cabal/Cabal/Cabal.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc-pkg`` utility
libraries/containers/containers.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/deepseq/deepseq.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/directory/directory.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/filepath/filepath.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
compiler/ghc.cabal: The compiler itself
libraries/ghci/ghci.cabal: The REPL interface
libraries/ghc-boot/ghc-boot.cabal: Internal compiler library
libraries/ghc-compact/ghc-compact.cabal: Core library
libraries/ghc-prim/ghc-prim.cabal: Core library
libraries/haskeline/haskeline.cabal: Dependency of ``ghci`` executable
libraries/hpc/hpc.cabal: Dependency of ``hpc`` executable
libraries/integer-gmp/integer-gmp.cabal: Core library
libraries/mtl/mtl.cabal: Dependency of ``Cabal`` library
libraries/parsec/parsec.cabal: Dependency of ``Cabal`` library
libraries/process/process.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/template-haskell/template-haskell.cabal: Core library
libraries/text/text.cabal: Dependency of ``Cabal`` library
libraries/time/time.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/transformers/transformers.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/unix/unix.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/Win32/Win32.cabal: Dependency of ``ghc`` library
libraries/xhtml/xhtml.cabal: Dependency of ``haddock`` executable
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