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      Make GHC-in-GHCi work on Windows · 8add024f
      Sebastian Graf authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      By not building anything in the dynamic way on Windows, where we don't
      have a working story for DLLs yet.
      Also the ghcid command needs to call bash on the hadrian/ghci.sh script
      explicitly as the path gets interpreted differently otherwise.
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      Hadrian: Add ./hadrian/ghci.sh script for fast development feedback · 2d7dd028
      Matthew Pickering authored and Marge Bot's avatar Marge Bot committed
      Running the `./hadrian/ghci` target will load the main compiler into
      a ghci session. This is intended for fast development feedback, modules are only
      typechecked so it isn't possible to run any functions in the repl.
      You can also use this target with `ghcid`.
      The first time this command is run hadrian will need to compile a few dependencies
      which will take 1-2 minutes. Loading GHC into GHCi itself takes about 30 seconds.
      Internally this works by calling a new hadrian target called `tool-args`.
      This target prints out the package and include flags which are necessary
      to load files into ghci. The same target is intended to be used by other
      tooling which uses the GHC API in order to set up the correct GHC API
      session. For example, using this target it is also possible to use HIE
      when developing on GHC.