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    Make a start towards eta-rules and injective families · 58470fb7
    Simon Peyton Jones authored
    * Make Any into a type family (which it should always have been)
      This is to support the future introduction of eta rules for
      product types (see email on ghc-users title "PolyKind issue"
      early Sept 2012)
    * Add the *internal* data type support for
        (a) closed type families [so that you can't give
            type instance for 'Any']
        (b) injective type families [because Any is really
      This amounts to two boolean flags on the SynFamilyTyCon
      constructor of TyCon.SynTyConRhs.
    There is some knock-on effect, but all of a routine nature.
    It remains to offer source syntax for either closed or
    injective families.
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