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    [project @ 2001-10-25 02:13:10 by sof] · 9e933350
    sof authored
    - Pet peeve removal / code tidyup, replaced various sub-optimal
      uses of 'length' with something a bit better, i.e., replaced
      the following patterns
       *  length as `cmpOp` length bs
       *  length as `cmpOp` val   -- incl. uses where val == 1 and val == 0
       *  {take,drop,splitAt} (length as) bs
       *  length [ () | pat <- as ]
      with uses of misc Util functions.
      I'd be surprised if there's a noticeable reduction in running
      times as a result of these changes, but every little bit helps.
      [ The changes have been tested wrt testsuite/ - I'm seeing a couple
        of unexpected breakages coming from CorePrep, but I'm currently
        assuming that these are due to other recent changes. ]
    - compMan/CompManager.lhs: restored 4.08 compilability + some code
    None of these changes are HEADworthy.