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    [project @ 2002-04-29 14:03:38 by simonmar] · b085ee40
    simonmar authored
    FastString cleanup, stage 1.
    The FastString type is no longer a mixture of hashed strings and
    literal strings, it contains hashed strings only with O(1) comparison
    (except for UnicodeStr, but that will also go away in due course).  To
    create a literal instance of FastString, use FSLIT("..").
    By far the most common use of the old literal version of FastString
    was in the pattern
    	  ptext SLIT("...")
    this combination still works, although it doesn't go via FastString
    any more.  The next stage will be to remove the need to use this
    special combination at all, using a RULE.
    To convert a FastString into an SDoc, now use 'ftext' instead of
    I've also removed all the FAST_STRING related macros from HsVersions.h
    except for SLIT and FSLIT, just use the relevant functions from
    FastString instead.