Commit 03c7dd09 authored by Joachim Breitner's avatar Joachim Breitner
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Disable bogus lint checks about levity polimorphic coerions

These checks, introduced in cea71418
hugely inflated build logs, which incapitated

According to Richard, the checks are useless and wrong, and that Ben
plans to investigate.

Until that happens, I remove them from the code.
parent 69f070d8
......@@ -1646,11 +1646,7 @@ lintCoercion co@(UnivCo prov r ty1 ty2)
-- see #9122 for discussion of these checks
checkTypes t1 t2
= do { checkWarnL lev_poly1
(report "left-hand type is levity-polymorphic")
; checkWarnL lev_poly2
(report "right-hand type is levity-polymorphic")
; when (not (lev_poly1 || lev_poly2)) $
= do { when (not (lev_poly1 || lev_poly2)) $
do { checkWarnL (reps1 `equalLength` reps2)
(report "between values with different # of reps")
; zipWithM_ validateCoercion reps1 reps2 }}
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