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testdriver: delete unused ways

And mention more prominently that `-DDEBUG` and tests that call
`compiler_stats_num_fields` don't play well together

Reviewed By: austin

Differential Revision:
parent f745b6e8
......@@ -14,9 +14,11 @@ config.hpc = 'hpc' = 'gs'
config.confdir = '.'
# By default, we test the 'normal', 'opt' and 'hpc' ways.
# 'optasm' is added by mk/ if the compiler has a native code gen,
# 'prof' is added by mk/ if the profiling way is enabled.
# By default, the 'normal' and 'hpc' ways are enabled. In addition, certain
# ways are enabled automatically if this GHC supports them. Ways that fall in
# this group are 'optasm', 'optllvm', 'profasm', 'threaded1', 'threaded2',
# 'profthreaded', 'ghci', and whichever of 'static/dyn' is not this GHC's
# default mode. Other ways should be set explicitly from .T files.
config.compile_ways = ['normal', 'hpc']
config.run_ways = ['normal', 'hpc']
......@@ -27,8 +29,6 @@ config.other_ways = ['prof',
'threaded1_ls', 'threaded2_hT',
'llvm', 'debugllvm',
'profllvm', 'profoptllvm', 'profthreadedllvm',
'threaded1llvm', 'threaded2llvm',
if (ghc_with_native_codegen == 1):
......@@ -110,9 +110,6 @@ config.way_flags = lambda name : {
'profllvm' : ['-prof', '-static', '-auto-all', '-fllvm'],
'profoptllvm' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all', '-fllvm'],
'profthreadedllvm' : ['-O', '-prof', '-static', '-auto-all', '-threaded', '-fllvm'],
'threaded1llvm' : ['-threaded', '-debug', '-fllvm'],
'threaded2llvm' : ['-O', '-threaded', '-eventlog', '-fllvm'],
'dynllvm' : ['-O', '-dynamic', '-fllvm']
config.way_rts_flags = {
......@@ -143,9 +140,6 @@ config.way_rts_flags = {
'profllvm' : ['-p'],
'profoptllvm' : ['-hc', '-p'],
'profthreadedllvm' : ['-p'],
'threaded1llvm' : [],
'threaded2llvm' : ['-N2 -ls'],
'dynllvm' : []
# Useful classes of ways that can be used with only_ways() and
# Tests that call 'compiler_stats_num_field' are skipped when debugging is on.
# See testsuite/driver/
def no_lint(name, opts):
opts.compiler_always_flags = \
[opt for opt in opts.compiler_always_flags if opt != '-dcore-lint' and opt != '-dcmm-lint']
......@@ -20,7 +20,8 @@ Flags:
HTML generated here: testsuite/hpc_output/hpc_index.html
--normal Default settings
--fast Omit dyn way, omit binary distribution
--slow Build stage2 with -DDEBUG.
--slow Build stage2 with -DDEBUG. Skips tests that call
2008-07-01: 14% slower than the default.
--dph: Also build libraries/dph and run associated tests.
--help shows this usage help.
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