Commit 062aa8af authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Disable dynamic linking optimisations on OS X

To improve performance of the RTS when dynamically linked on x86, I
previously disabled -fPIC for certain critical modules (the GC, and a
few others).  However, build reports suggest that the dynamic linker
on OS X doesn't like this, so I'm disabling this optimsation on that
parent de1a1f9f
......@@ -317,8 +317,18 @@ rts/RtsUtils_CC_OPTS += -DGhcEnableTablesNextToCode=$(DQ)$(GhcEnableTablesNextTo
# must be compiled with -fPIC (since the 32-bit relocations generated
# by the default small memory can't be resolved at runtime). So we
# only do this on i386.
# This apparently doesn't work on OS X (Darwin) where we get errors of
# the form
# ld: absolute addressing (perhaps -mdynamic-no-pic) used in _stg_ap_0_fast from rts/dist/build/Apply.dyn_o not allowed in slidable image
# and lots of these warnings:
# ld: warning codegen in _stg_ap_pppv_fast (offset 0x0000005E) prevents image from loading in dyld shared cache
ifeq "$(TargetArch_CPP)" "i386"
ifneq "$(TargetOS_CPP)" "darwin"
rts/sm/Evac_HC_OPTS += -fno-PIC
rts/sm/Evac_thr_HC_OPTS += -fno-PIC
rts/sm/Scav_HC_OPTS += -fno-PIC
......@@ -334,6 +344,7 @@ rts/PrimOps_HC_OPTS += -fno-PIC -static
rts/Apply_HC_OPTS += -fno-PIC -static
rts/dist/build/AutoApply_HC_OPTS += -fno-PIC -static
# ffi.h triggers prototype warnings, so disable them here:
rts/Interpreter_CC_OPTS += -Wno-strict-prototypes
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