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Fix Trac #3265: type operators in type/class declarations

We should accept these:

   data a :*: b = ....
   data (:*:) a b = ...

only if -XTypeOperators is in force.  And similarly class decls.

This patch fixes the problem.  It uses the slightly-nasty OccName.isSymOcc,
but the only way to avoid that is to cach the result in OccNames which seems
overkill to us.
parent 22c42ec3
......@@ -164,6 +164,18 @@ newTopSrcBinder this_mod (L loc rdr_name)
Looking up a name in the RnEnv.
Note [Type and class operator definitions]
We want to reject all of these unless we have -XTypeOperators (Trac #3265)
data a :*: b = ...
class a :*: b where ...
data (:*:) a b = ....
class (:*:) a b where ...
The latter two mean that we are not just looking for a
*syntactically-infix* declaration, but one that uses an operator
OccName. We use OccName.isSymOcc to detect that case, which isn't
terribly efficient, but there seems to be no better way.
lookupTopBndrRn :: RdrName -> RnM Name
lookupTopBndrRn n = do nopt <- lookupTopBndrRn_maybe n
......@@ -205,7 +217,14 @@ lookupTopBndrRn_maybe rdr_name
; return (Just n)}
| otherwise
= do { mb_gre <- lookupGreLocalRn rdr_name
= do { -- Check for operators in type or class declarations
-- See Note [Type and class operator definitions]
let occ = rdrNameOcc rdr_name
; when (isTcOcc occ && isSymOcc occ)
(do { op_ok <- doptM Opt_TypeOperators
; checkM op_ok (addErr (opDeclErr rdr_name)) })
; mb_gre <- lookupGreLocalRn rdr_name
; case mb_gre of
Nothing -> returnM Nothing
Just gre -> returnM (Just $ gre_name gre) }
......@@ -1100,4 +1119,9 @@ kindSigErr thing
badQualBndrErr :: RdrName -> SDoc
badQualBndrErr rdr_name
= ptext (sLit "Qualified name in binding position:") <+> ppr rdr_name
opDeclErr :: RdrName -> SDoc
opDeclErr n
= hang (ptext (sLit "Illegal declaration of a type or class operator") <+> quotes (ppr n))
2 (ptext (sLit "Use -XTypeOperators to declare operators in type and declarations"))
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