Commit 11fbcd76 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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interruptible FFI: more robust handling of the exception case in the interpreter

parent 539d3ade
......@@ -1454,11 +1454,12 @@ run_BCO:
cap = (Capability *)((void *)((unsigned char*)resumeThread(tok) - STG_FIELD_OFFSET(Capability,r)));
if (Sp[0] == (W_)&stg_enter_info) {
// Sp got clobbered due to an exception; so we should
// go run it instead.
goto eval;
if (Sp[0] != (W_)&stg_gc_gen_info) {
// the stack is not how we left it. This probably
// means that an exception got raised on exit from the
// foreign call, so we should just continue with
// whatever is on top of the stack now.
// Re-load the pointer to the BCO from the RET_DYN frame,
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