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Extra words about unsafePerformIO
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<label id="sec:IOExts">
(Documetation for this library is sadly inadequate.)
This library provides the following extensions to the IO monad:
The operations <tt/fixIO/, <tt/unsafePerformIO/ and <tt/unsafeInterleaveIO/
described in <cite id="ImperativeFP">
described in <cite id="ImperativeFP">.
Everyone knows that if the I/O computation wrapped in <tt/unsafePerformIO/
performs side effects, then the relative order in which those side effects
take place (relative to the main I/O trunk, or other calls to <tt/unsafePerformIO/)
is indeterminate. It is less well known that <tt/unsafePerformIO/ is not type safe.
For example:
test :: IORef [a]
test = unsafePerformIO $ newIORef []
main = do
writeIORef test [42]
bang <- readIORef test
print (bang :: [Char])
This program will core dump. This problem with polymorphic references is
well known in the ML community, and does not arise with normal monadic use
of references. There is no easy way to make it impossible once you use
<tt/unsafePerformIO/. Indeed, it is possible to write
<tt>coerce :: a -> b</tt> with the help of <tt/unsafePerformIO/.
So be careful!
References (aka mutable variables) and mutable arrays (but no form of
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