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Update base changelog regarding 4.8.1 changes

Turns out we've been a bit too lazy and quite a few undocumented changes have
accumulated in `base` relative to GHC 7.10's `base-`...

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# Changelog for [`base` package](
## *TBA*
* `Alt` now has `MonadZip` and `MonadFix` instances.
* Bundled with GHC 7.12.1
## *TBA*
* `Alt`, `Dual`, `First`, `Last`, `Product`, and `Sum` now have `Data`,
`MonadZip`, and `MonadFix` instances
* `Maybe` now has a `MonadZip` instance
* `All` and `Any` now have `Data` instances
* `Dual`, `First`, `Last`, `Product`, and `Sum` now have `Foldable` and
`Traversable` instances
* `Dual`, `Product`, and `Sum` now have `Functor`, `Applicative`, and
`Monad` instances
* Redundant typeclass constraints have been removed:
- `Data.Ratio.{denominator,numerator}` have no `Integral` constraint anymore
- **TODO**
* New module `GHC.SrcLoc`
* New `GHC.Generics.packageName` operation
* New `GHC.Stack.CallStack` data type
## *Mar 2015*
* Bundled with GHC 7.10.1
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