Commit 1ae81a86 authored by Ben Gamari's avatar Ben Gamari 🐢

testsuite: Don't run T9630 in nonmoving ways

The nonmoving collector doesn't support -G1
parent d0fffae3
......@@ -385,7 +385,9 @@ test ('T9630',
extra_clean(['T9630a.hi', 'T9630a.o']),
# Use `+RTS -G1` for more stable residency measurements. Note [residency].
extra_hc_opts('+RTS -G1 -RTS')
extra_hc_opts('+RTS -G1 -RTS'),
# The nonmoving collector does not support -G1
omit_ways(['nonmoving', 'nonmoving_thr', 'nonmoving_thr_ghc'])
['T9630', '-v0 -O'])
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