Commit 260e9b5f authored by sof's avatar sof
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[project @ 1999-09-01 14:21:41 by sof]

Test which verifies that special ids are correctly handled by the front-end
parent 092081de
-- !!! checking that special ids are correctly handled.
module ShouldCompile where
as :: [as]
as = [head as]
qualified :: [qualified]
qualified = [head qualified]
hiding :: [hiding]
hiding = [head hiding]
export :: [export]
export = [head export]
label :: [label]
label = [head label]
dynamic :: [dynamic]
dynamic = [head dynamic]
unsafe :: [unsafe]
unsafe = [head unsafe]
stdcall :: [stdcall]
stdcall = [head stdcall]
ccall :: [ccall]
ccall = [head ccall]
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