Commit 2a130b13 authored by's avatar

Fix typo in SpecConstr that made it not work at all

There was a terrible typo in this patch; I wrote "env"
instead of "env1".

   Mon Jan 31 11:35:29 GMT 2011
     * Improve Simplifier and SpecConstr behaviour

Anyway, this fix is essential to make it work properly.
Thanks to Max for spotting the problem (again).
parent 367d9a0f
......@@ -749,7 +749,7 @@ extendCaseBndrs env scrut case_bndr con alt_bndrs
live_case_bndr = not (isDeadBinder case_bndr)
env1 | Var v <- scrut = extendValEnv env v cval
| otherwise = env -- See Note [Add scrutinee to ValueEnv too]
env2 | live_case_bndr = extendValEnv env case_bndr cval
env2 | live_case_bndr = extendValEnv env1 case_bndr cval
| otherwise = env1
alt_bndrs' | case scrut of { Var {} -> True; _ -> live_case_bndr }
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