Commit 3ca33229 authored by lewie's avatar lewie
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[project @ 2000-02-10 18:39:51 by lewie]

Fix a couple of Implicit Param wibbles.
parent 016a498f
......@@ -288,6 +288,8 @@ partMethod pred (ips, lie) m@(Method u id tys theta tau loc)
-- newMethodWith id_m1 tys ips_ tau loc `thenTc` \ new_m1 ->
returnTc (consLIE new_m1 ips, consLIE new_m2 lie)
where (ips_, theta_) = partition pred theta
partMethod pred (ips, lie) inst@(LitInst u lit ty loc)
= returnTc (ips, consLIE inst lie)
tyVarsOfInst :: Inst -> TcTyVarSet
tyVarsOfInst (Dict _ pred _) = tyVarsOfPred pred
......@@ -738,7 +738,7 @@ tcMonoExpr (HsWith expr binds) res_ty
then expr'
else HsLet (MonoBind dict_binds [] NonRecursive) expr' in
tcCheckIPBinds binds' types ips' `thenTc_`
returnTc (HsWith expr'' binds', lie')
returnTc (HsWith expr'' binds', lie' `plusLIE` lie2)
where isBound p
= case ipName_maybe p of
Just n -> n `elem` names
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