Commit 500fb9ad authored by Ian Lynagh's avatar Ian Lynagh

Doc typo

parent 25f44cb9
......@@ -1330,7 +1330,7 @@ data Counter a = forall self. NewCounter
Here <literal>tag</literal> is a public field, with a well-typed selector
function <literal>tag :: Counter a -> a</literal>. The <literal>self</literal>
type is hidden from the outside; any attempt to apply <literal>_this</literal>,
<literal>_inc</literal> or <literal>_output</literal> as functions will raise a
<literal>_inc</literal> or <literal>_display</literal> as functions will raise a
compile-time error. In other words, <emphasis>GHC defines a record selector function
only for fields whose type does not mention the existentially-quantified variables</emphasis>.
(This example used an underscore in the fields for which record selectors
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