Commit 51bbe15f authored by quintela's avatar quintela
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[project @ 1997-12-02 18:08:00 by quintela]

Deleted NAmedThing Constraint of Outputable InPat
parent 8af88215
......@@ -127,11 +127,16 @@ data OutPat tyvar uvar id
[id] -- methods
Now name in Inpat is not need to be in NAmedThing to be Outputable.
Needed by ../deSugar/Check.lhs
instance (Outputable name, NamedThing name) => Outputable (InPat name) where
instance (Outputable name) => Outputable (InPat name) where
ppr = pprInPat
pprInPat :: (Outputable name, NamedThing name) => PprStyle -> InPat name -> Doc
pprInPat :: (Outputable name) => PprStyle -> InPat name -> Doc
pprInPat sty (WildPatIn) = char '_'
pprInPat sty (VarPatIn var) = ppr sty var
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