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Avoid ASSERT black hole

When this ASSERT tripped in CoreToStg it tried to print out
too much, which tripped the asssertion again.  Result: an
infinite loop with no output at all.  Hard to debug!
parent 8ddee615
......@@ -184,7 +184,11 @@ coreTopBindToStg this_pkg env body_fvs (NonRec id rhs)
bind = StgNonRec id stg_rhs
ASSERT2(consistentCafInfo id bind, ppr id {- $$ ppr rhs $$ ppr bind -} )
ASSERT2(consistentCafInfo id bind, ppr id )
-- NB: previously the assertion printed 'rhs' and 'bind'
-- as well as 'id', but that led to a black hole
-- where printing the assertion error tripped the
-- assertion again!
(env', fvs' `unionFVInfo` body_fvs, bind)
coreTopBindToStg this_pkg env body_fvs (Rec pairs)
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