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......@@ -670,11 +670,13 @@ mk_known_key_name space mod str uniq
Nothing noSrcLoc
conName :: Name -> FastString -> Unique -> Name
-- Be careful to ghve constructor names the right parent!
conName tycon occ uniq
= mkExternalName uniq (nameModule tycon) (mkOccNameFS dataName occ)
(Just tycon) noSrcLoc
methName :: Name -> FastString -> Unique -> Name
-- Be careful to ghve method names the right parent!
methName cls occ uniq
= mkExternalName uniq (nameModule cls) (mkVarOccFS occ)
(Just cls) noSrcLoc
......@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ substId (SimplEnv { seInScope = in_scope, seIdSubst = ids }) v
-- Get the most up-to-date thing from the in-scope set
-- Even though it isn't in the substitution, it may be in
-- the in-scope set better IdInfo
-- the in-scope set with better IdInfo
refine v = case lookupInScope in_scope v of
Just v' -> v'
Nothing -> WARN( True, ppr v ) v -- This is an error!
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