Commit 563148cd authored by Takenobu Tani's avatar Takenobu Tani Committed by Ben Gamari

Fix broken link of GHC.RTS.Flags

There ware broken link to GHC User's Guide.

* libraries/base/GHC/RTS/Flags.hsc
 - runtime-control.html -> runtime_control.html

Reviewers: bgamari, austin, hvr

Reviewed By: bgamari

Subscribers: thomie

Differential Revision:
parent 26f5e60b
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
-- | Accessors to GHC RTS flags.
-- Descriptions of flags can be seen in
-- < GHC User's Guide>,
-- < GHC User's Guide>,
-- or by running RTS help message using @+RTS --help@.
-- @since
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