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Desugaring for "foreign import prim"

Unlike normal foreign imports which desugar into a separate worker and
wrapper, we use just a single wrapper decleration. The representation
in Core of the call is currently as a foreign call. This means the
args are all treated as fully strict. This is ok at the moment because
we restrict the types for foreign import prim to be of unboxed types,
however in future we may want to make prim imports be the normal cmm
calling convention for Haskell functions, in which case we would not
be able to assume all args are strict. At that point it may make more
sense to represent cmm/prim calls distinct from foreign calls, and
more like the we the existing PrimOp calls are handled.
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......@@ -155,6 +155,8 @@ dsCImport id (CLabel cid) cconv _ = do
return ([(id, rhs)], empty, empty)
dsCImport id (CFunction target) cconv@PrimCallConv safety
= dsPrimCall id (CCall (CCallSpec target cconv safety))
dsCImport id (CFunction target) cconv safety
= dsFCall id (CCall (CCallSpec target cconv safety))
dsCImport id CWrapper cconv _
......@@ -241,6 +243,39 @@ dsFCall fn_id fcall = do
%* *
\subsection{Primitive calls}
%* *
This is for `@foreign import prim@' declarations.
Currently, at the core level we pretend that these primitive calls are
foreign calls. It may make more sense in future to have them as a distinct
kind of Id, or perhaps to bundle them with PrimOps since semantically and
for calling convention they are really prim ops.
dsPrimCall :: Id -> ForeignCall -> DsM ([(Id, Expr TyVar)], SDoc, SDoc)
dsPrimCall fn_id fcall = do
ty = idType fn_id
(tvs, fun_ty) = tcSplitForAllTys ty
(arg_tys, io_res_ty) = tcSplitFunTys fun_ty
-- Must use tcSplit* functions because we want to
-- see that (IO t) in the corner
args <- newSysLocalsDs arg_tys
ccall_uniq <- newUnique
call_app = mkFCall ccall_uniq fcall (map Var args) io_res_ty
rhs = mkLams tvs (mkLams args call_app)
return ([(fn_id, rhs)], empty, empty)
%* *
\subsection{Foreign export}
......@@ -487,7 +522,7 @@ mkFExportCBits c_nm maybe_target arg_htys res_hty is_IO_res_ty cc
pprCconv = case cc of
CCallConv -> empty
StdCallConv -> text (ccallConvAttribute cc)
CmmCallConv -> panic "mkFExportCBits/pprCconv CmmCallConv"
_ -> panic ("mkFExportCBits/pprCconv " ++ showPpr cc)
header_bits = ptext (sLit "extern") <+> fun_proto <> semi
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