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Update strictness documentation (Trac #7546)

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......@@ -292,14 +292,11 @@ f (Wibble x y) # ugly, and proud of it
<para>Look for your function in the interface file, then for
the third field in the pragma; it should say
<literal>&lowbar;&lowbar;S &lt;string&gt;</literal>. The
<literal>Strictness: &lt;string&gt;</literal>. The
<literal>&lt;string&gt;</literal> gives the strictness of
the function's arguments. <function>L</function> is lazy
(bad), <function>S</function> and <function>E</function> are
strict (good), <function>P</function> is
&ldquo;primitive&rdquo; (good), <function>U(...)</function>
is strict and &ldquo;unpackable&rdquo; (very good), and
<function>A</function> is absent (very good).</para>
the function's arguments: see <ulink url="">
the GHC Commentary</ulink> for a description of the stricntess notation.
<para>For an &ldquo;unpackable&rdquo;
<function>U(...)</function> argument, the info inside tells
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