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[project @ 2005-05-05 12:39:19 by simonpj]

Only compare hi-boot iface with mother module if there *is* an hi-boot iface
parent eacd9d25
......@@ -237,10 +237,19 @@ tcHiBootIface mod
; if not (isOneShot mode)
-- In --make and interactive mode, if this module has an hs-boot file
-- we'll have compiled it already, and it'll be in the HPT
-- We check wheher the interface is a *boot* interface.
-- It can happen (when using GHC from Visual Studio) that we
-- compile a module in TypecheckOnly mode, with a stable,
-- fully-populated HPT. In that case the boot interface isn't there
-- (it's been replaced by the mother module) so we can't check it.
-- And that's fine, because if M's ModInfo is in the HPT, then
-- it's been compiled once, and we don't need to check the boot iface
then do { hpt <- getHpt
; case lookupModuleEnv hpt mod of
Just info -> return (hm_details info)
Nothing -> return emptyModDetails }
Just info | mi_boot (hm_iface info)
-> return (hm_details info)
other -> return emptyModDetails }
else do
-- OK, so we're in one-shot mode.
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