Commit 6761dc25 authored by Simon Peyton Jones's avatar Simon Peyton Jones
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Add an extra error check in DEBUG mode for ill-typed unfoldings

parent 948c1d31
......@@ -2079,6 +2079,12 @@ addAltUnfoldings env scrut case_bndr con_app
addBinderUnfolding :: SimplEnv -> Id -> Unfolding -> SimplEnv
addBinderUnfolding env bndr unf
| debugIsOn, Just tmpl <- maybeUnfoldingTemplate unf
= WARN( not (eqType (idType bndr) (exprType tmpl)),
ppr bndr $$ ppr (idType bndr) $$ ppr tmpl $$ ppr (exprType tmpl) )
modifyInScope env (bndr `setIdUnfolding` unf)
| otherwise
= modifyInScope env (bndr `setIdUnfolding` unf)
zapBndrOccInfo :: Bool -> Id -> Id
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