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Make adjust_ul handle BCOs

We never ran into this before, because replace_osuf was almost always
False (i.e. we were almost always using the vanilla way when using
bytecode, so adjust_ul wasn't needed). Now that we can have the dynamic
way on by default many tests were failing because of it.
parent b49ad6bb
......@@ -647,7 +647,9 @@ getLinkDeps hsc_env hpt pls replace_osuf span mods
ptext (sLit "cannot find normal object file ")
<> quotes (text new_file) $$ while_linking_expr
else return (DotO new_file)
adjust_ul _ = panic "adjust_ul"
adjust_ul (DotA fp) = panic ("adjust_ul DotA " ++ show fp)
adjust_ul (DotDLL fp) = panic ("adjust_ul DotDLL " ++ show fp)
adjust_ul l@(BCOs {}) = return l
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