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Do not print HsDoc field when pretty-printing patterns (messes up error message)

parent 27218ba7
......@@ -219,8 +219,8 @@ pprConArgs (PrefixCon pats) = interppSP pats
pprConArgs (InfixCon p1 p2) = interppSP [p1,p2]
pprConArgs (RecCon rpats) = braces (hsep (punctuate comma (map (pp_rpat) rpats)))
pp_rpat (HsRecField v p d) =
hsep [ppr d, ppr v, char '=', ppr p]
pp_rpat (HsRecField v p _d) =
hsep [ppr v, char '=', ppr p]
-- add parallel array brackets around a document
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