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[project @ 2001-03-01 17:09:54 by simonpj]

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......@@ -202,9 +202,14 @@ emptyScEnv = emptyVarEnv
data HowBound = RecFun -- These are the recursive functions for which
-- we seek interesting call patterns
| RecArg -- These are those functions' arguments; we are
-- interested to see if those arguments are scrutinised
| Other -- We track all others so we know what's in scope
-- This is used in spec_one to check what needs to be
-- passed as a parameter and what is in scope at the
-- function definition site
extendBndrs env bndrs = extendVarEnvList env [(b,Other) | b <- bndrs]
extendBndr env bndr = extendVarEnv env bndr Other
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