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Fix bug in eval_thunk_selector()

parent d07d5ed8
......@@ -404,13 +404,11 @@ bale_out:
// We didn't manage to evaluate this thunk; restore the old info
// pointer. But don't forget: we still need to evacuate the thunk itself.
SET_INFO(p, (const StgInfoTable *)info_ptr);
*q = (StgClosure *)p;
if (evac) {
copy(&val,(StgClosure *)p,THUNK_SELECTOR_sizeW(),bd->step->to);
} else {
val = (StgClosure *)p;
copy(q,(StgClosure *)p,THUNK_SELECTOR_sizeW(),bd->step->to);
*q = val;
unchain_thunk_selectors(prev_thunk_selector, val);
unchain_thunk_selectors(prev_thunk_selector, *q);
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