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Fix handling of R_SPARC_UA32 relocations in linker

  These refer to unaligned locations that need to be written
  byte-at-a-time. This fixes the SPARC ghci failures in 
  the current head.
parent 27444c25
......@@ -3544,17 +3544,26 @@ do_Elf_Rela_relocations ( ObjectCode* oc, char* ehdrC,
w1 |= w2;
*pP = w1;
/* According to the Sun documentation:
This relocation type resembles R_SPARC_32, except it refers to an
unaligned word. That is, the word to be relocated must be treated
as four separate bytes with arbitrary alignment, not as a word
aligned according to the architecture requirements.
(JRS: which means that freeloading on the R_SPARC_32 case
is probably wrong, but hey ...)
case R_SPARC_UA32:
w2 = (Elf_Word)value;
// SPARC doesn't do misaligned writes of 32 bit words,
// so we have to do this one byte-at-a-time.
char *pPc = (char*)pP;
pPc[0] = (char) ((Elf_Word)(w2 & 0xff000000) >> 24);
pPc[1] = (char) ((Elf_Word)(w2 & 0x00ff0000) >> 16);
pPc[2] = (char) ((Elf_Word)(w2 & 0x0000ff00) >> 8);
pPc[3] = (char) ((Elf_Word)(w2 & 0x000000ff));
case R_SPARC_32:
w2 = (Elf_Word)value;
*pP = w2;
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