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Patch to demand analyser, to handle polymorphism in zipWithDmds

parent 6fb1a643
......@@ -80,7 +80,13 @@ zipWithDmds :: (Demand -> Demand -> Demand)
zipWithDmds f (Poly d1) (Poly d2) = Poly (d1 `f` d2)
zipWithDmds f (Prod ds1) (Poly d2) = Prod [d1 `f` d2 | d1 <- ds1]
zipWithDmds f (Poly d1) (Prod ds2) = Prod [d1 `f` d2 | d2 <- ds2]
zipWithDmds f (Prod ds1) (Prod ds2) = Prod (zipWithEqual "zipWithDmds" f ds1 ds2)
zipWithDmds f (Prod ds1) (Prod ds2)
| length ds1 == length ds2 = Prod (zipWithEqual "zipWithDmds" f ds1 ds2)
| otherwise = Poly topDmd
-- This really can happen with polymorphism
-- \f. case f x of (a,b) -> ...
-- case f y of (a,b,c) -> ...
-- Here the two demands on f are C(LL) and C(LLL)!
topDmd, lazyDmd, seqDmd :: Demand
topDmd = Top -- The most uninformative demand
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