Commit 88f6ec67 authored by sewardj's avatar sewardj
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[project @ 2000-01-25 10:23:34 by sewardj]

Minor improvements to x86 FP fake-to-real insn translation.
parent b539a820
......@@ -1006,11 +1006,13 @@ pprInstr (CALL imm)
-- Simulating a flat register set on the x86 FP stack is tricky.
-- you have to free %st(7) before pushing anything on the FP reg stack
-- so as to preclude the possibility of a FP stack overflow exception.
-- ToDo: make gpop into a single instruction, FST
pprInstr g@(GMOV src dst)
pprInstr g@(GMOV src dst)
| src == dst
= empty
| otherwise
= pprG g (hcat [gtab, gpush src 0, gsemi, gpop dst 1])
-- GLD sz addr dst ==> FFREE %st(7) ; FLDsz addr ; FXCH (dst+1) ; FINCSTP
-- GLD sz addr dst ==> FFREE %st(7) ; FLDsz addr ; FSTP (dst+1)
pprInstr g@(GLD sz addr dst)
= pprG g (hcat [gtab, text "ffree %st(7) ; fld", pprSize sz, gsp,
pprAddr addr, gsemi, gpop dst 1])
......@@ -1069,7 +1071,7 @@ pprInstr g@(GDIV sz src1 src2 dst)
gpush reg offset
= hcat [text "ffree %st(7) ; fld ", greg reg offset]
gpop reg offset
= hcat [text "fxch ", greg reg offset, gsemi, text "fincstp"]
= hcat [text "fstp ", greg reg offset]
bogus = text "\tbogus"
greg reg offset = text "%st(" <> int (gregno reg - 8+offset) <> char ')'
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