Commit 8d809e0a authored by Ross Paterson's avatar Ross Paterson

avoid adding HPC ticks to arrow constructs (fixes #1333)

parent 104b00d8
......@@ -362,18 +362,6 @@ addTickHsExpr (HsWrap w e) =
liftM2 HsWrap
(return w)
(addTickHsExpr e) -- explicitly no tick on inside
addTickHsExpr (HsArrApp e1 e2 ty1 arr_ty lr) =
liftM5 HsArrApp
(addTickLHsExpr e1)
(addTickLHsExpr e2)
(return ty1)
(return arr_ty)
(return lr)
addTickHsExpr (HsArrForm e fix cmdtop) =
liftM3 HsArrForm
(addTickLHsExpr e)
(return fix)
(mapM (liftL (addTickHsCmdTop)) cmdtop)
addTickHsExpr e@(HsType _) = return e
......@@ -535,7 +523,120 @@ addTickHsCmdTop (HsCmdTop cmd tys ty syntaxtable) =
(return syntaxtable)
addTickLHsCmd :: LHsCmd Id -> TM (LHsCmd Id)
addTickLHsCmd x = addTickLHsExpr x
addTickLHsCmd (L pos c0) = do
c1 <- addTickHsCmd c0
return $ L pos c1
addTickHsCmd :: HsCmd Id -> TM (HsCmd Id)
addTickHsCmd (HsLam matchgroup) =
liftM HsLam (addTickCmdMatchGroup matchgroup)
addTickHsCmd (HsApp e1 e2) =
liftM2 HsApp (addTickLHsExprNever e1) (addTickLHsExpr e2)
addTickHsCmd (OpApp e1 c2 fix c3) =
liftM4 OpApp
(addTickLHsExpr e1)
(addTickLHsCmd c2)
(return fix)
(addTickLHsCmd c3)
addTickHsCmd (HsPar e) = liftM HsPar (addTickLHsCmd e)
addTickHsCmd (HsCase e mgs) =
liftM2 HsCase
(addTickLHsExpr e)
(addTickCmdMatchGroup mgs)
addTickHsCmd (HsIf cnd e1 c2 c3) =
liftM3 (HsIf cnd)
(addBinTickLHsExpr (BinBox CondBinBox) e1)
(addTickLHsCmd c2)
(addTickLHsCmd c3)
addTickHsCmd (HsLet binds c) =
bindLocals (collectLocalBinders binds) $
liftM2 HsLet
(addTickHsLocalBinds binds) -- to think about: !patterns.
(addTickLHsCmd c)
addTickHsCmd (HsDo cxt stmts last_exp srcloc) = do
(stmts', last_exp') <- addTickLCmdStmts' stmts (addTickLHsCmd last_exp)
return (HsDo cxt stmts' last_exp' srcloc)
addTickHsCmd (HsArrApp e1 e2 ty1 arr_ty lr) =
liftM5 HsArrApp
(addTickLHsExpr e1)
(addTickLHsExpr e2)
(return ty1)
(return arr_ty)
(return lr)
addTickHsCmd (HsArrForm e fix cmdtop) =
liftM3 HsArrForm
(addTickLHsExpr e)
(return fix)
(mapM (liftL (addTickHsCmdTop)) cmdtop)
-- Others should never happen in a command context.
addTickHsCmd e = pprPanic "addTickHsCmd" (ppr e)
addTickCmdMatchGroup :: MatchGroup Id -> TM (MatchGroup Id)
addTickCmdMatchGroup (MatchGroup matches ty) = do
matches' <- mapM (liftL addTickCmdMatch) matches
return $ MatchGroup matches' ty
addTickCmdMatch :: Match Id -> TM (Match Id)
addTickCmdMatch (Match pats opSig gRHSs) =
bindLocals (collectPatsBinders pats) $ do
gRHSs' <- addTickCmdGRHSs gRHSs
return $ Match pats opSig gRHSs'
addTickCmdGRHSs :: GRHSs Id -> TM (GRHSs Id)
addTickCmdGRHSs (GRHSs guarded local_binds) = do
bindLocals binders $ do
local_binds' <- addTickHsLocalBinds local_binds
guarded' <- mapM (liftL addTickCmdGRHS) guarded
return $ GRHSs guarded' local_binds'
binders = collectLocalBinders local_binds
addTickCmdGRHS :: GRHS Id -> TM (GRHS Id)
addTickCmdGRHS (GRHS stmts cmd) = do
(stmts',expr') <- addTickLCmdStmts' stmts (addTickLHsCmd cmd)
return $ GRHS stmts' expr'
addTickLCmdStmts :: [LStmt Id] -> TM [LStmt Id]
addTickLCmdStmts stmts = do
(stmts, _) <- addTickLCmdStmts' stmts (return ())
return stmts
addTickLCmdStmts' :: [LStmt Id] -> TM a -> TM ([LStmt Id], a)
addTickLCmdStmts' lstmts res
= bindLocals binders $ do
lstmts' <- mapM (liftL addTickCmdStmt) lstmts
a <- res
return (lstmts', a)
binders = collectLStmtsBinders lstmts
addTickCmdStmt :: Stmt Id -> TM (Stmt Id)
addTickCmdStmt (BindStmt pat c bind fail) = do
liftM4 BindStmt
(addTickLPat pat)
(addTickLHsCmd c)
(return bind)
(return fail)
addTickCmdStmt (ExprStmt c bind' ty) = do
liftM3 ExprStmt
(addTickLHsCmd c)
(return bind')
(return ty)
addTickCmdStmt (LetStmt binds) = do
liftM LetStmt
(addTickHsLocalBinds binds)
addTickCmdStmt stmt@(RecStmt {})
= do { stmts' <- addTickLCmdStmts (recS_stmts stmt)
; ret' <- addTickSyntaxExpr hpcSrcSpan (recS_ret_fn stmt)
; mfix' <- addTickSyntaxExpr hpcSrcSpan (recS_mfix_fn stmt)
; bind' <- addTickSyntaxExpr hpcSrcSpan (recS_bind_fn stmt)
; return (stmt { recS_stmts = stmts', recS_ret_fn = ret'
, recS_mfix_fn = mfix', recS_bind_fn = bind' }) }
-- Others should never happen in a command context.
addTickCmdStmt stmt = pprPanic "addTickHsCmd" (ppr stmt)
addTickHsRecordBinds :: HsRecordBinds Id -> TM (HsRecordBinds Id)
addTickHsRecordBinds (HsRecFields fields dd)
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