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Support the MergeStub phase when building with dynamic-too

parent 35691ad0
......@@ -1457,6 +1457,12 @@ runPhase MergeStub input_fn dflags
panic "runPhase(MergeStub): no stub"
Just stub_o -> do
liftIO $ joinObjectFiles dflags [input_fn, stub_o] output_fn
whenGeneratingDynamicToo dflags $ do
liftIO $ debugTraceMsg dflags 4
(text "Merging stub again for -dynamic-too")
let dyn_input_fn = replaceExtension input_fn (dynObjectSuf dflags)
dyn_output_fn = replaceExtension output_fn (dynObjectSuf dflags)
liftIO $ joinObjectFiles dflags [dyn_input_fn, stub_o] dyn_output_fn
return (StopLn, output_fn)
-- warning suppression
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