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Rejig the absent-arg stuff for unlifted types

This is what was giving the "absent entered" messages
See Note [Absent errors] in WwLib.  We now return a 
suitable literal for absent values of unlifted type.
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......@@ -27,6 +27,7 @@ module Literal
-- ** Operations on Literals
, literalType
, hashLiteral
, absentLiteralOf
-- ** Predicates on Literals and their contents
, litIsDupable, litIsTrivial
......@@ -44,19 +45,21 @@ module Literal
) where
import TysPrim
import PrelNames
import Type
import TyCon
import Outputable
import FastTypes
import FastString
import BasicTypes
import Binary
import Constants
import UniqFM
import Data.Int
import Data.Ratio
import Data.Word
import Data.Char
import Data.Data
import Data.Data( Data, Typeable )
......@@ -326,6 +329,21 @@ literalType (MachWord64 _) = word64PrimTy
literalType (MachFloat _) = floatPrimTy
literalType (MachDouble _) = doublePrimTy
literalType (MachLabel _ _ _) = addrPrimTy
absentLiteralOf :: TyCon -> Maybe Literal
-- Return a literal of the appropriate primtive
-- TyCon, to use as a placeholder when it doesn't matter
absentLiteralOf tc = lookupUFM absent_lits (tyConName tc)
absent_lits :: UniqFM Literal
absent_lits = listToUFM [ (addrPrimTyConKey, MachNullAddr)
, (charPrimTyConKey, MachChar 'x')
, (intPrimTyConKey, MachInt 0)
, (int64PrimTyConKey, MachInt 0)
, (floatPrimTyConKey, MachFloat 0)
, (doublePrimTyConKey, MachDouble 0)
, (wordPrimTyConKey, MachWord 0)
, (word64PrimTyConKey, MachWord64 0) ]
......@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@ import TysWiredIn ( tupleCon )
import Type
import Coercion ( mkSymCoercion, splitNewTypeRepCo_maybe )
import BasicTypes ( Boxity(..) )
import Literal ( absentLiteralOf )
import Var ( Var )
import UniqSupply
import Unique
......@@ -343,10 +344,11 @@ mkWWstr_one arg
| otherwise
= case idDemandInfo arg of
-- Absent case. We don't deal with absence for unlifted types,
-- though, because it's not so easy to manufacture a placeholder
-- We'll see if this turns out to be a problem
Abs -> return ([], nop_fn, mk_absent_let arg)
-- Absent case. We can't always handle absence for arbitrary
-- unlifted types, so we need to choose just the cases we can
-- (that's what mk_absent_let does)
Abs | Just work_fn <- mk_absent_let arg
-> return ([], nop_fn, work_fn)
-- Unpack case
Eval (Prod cs)
......@@ -492,26 +494,39 @@ workerCase bndr e args con body = mkUnpackCase bndr e args con body
%* *
Note [Absent error Id]
Note [Absent errors]
We make a new binding for Ids that are marked absent, thus
let x = absentError "x :: Int"
The idea is that this binding will never be used; but if it
buggily is used we'll get a runtime error message.
We do this even for *unlifted* types (e.g. Int#). We define
absentError to *not* be a bottoming Id, and we treat it as
"ok for speculation" (see CoreUtils.okForSpeculation). That
means that the let won't get turned into a case, and will
be discarded if (as we fully expect) x turns out to be dead.
Coping with absence for unlifted types is important; see, for
example, Trac #4306.
Coping with absence for *unlifted* types is important; see, for
example, Trac #4306. For these we find a suitable literal,
using Literal.absentLiteralOf. We don't have literals for
every primitive type, so the function is partial.
[I did try the experiment of using an error thunk for unlifted
things too, relying on the simplifier to drop it as dead code,
by making absentError
(a) *not* be a bottoming Id,
(b) be "ok for speculation"
But that relies on the simplifier finding that it really
is dead code, which is fragile, and indeed failed when
profiling is on, which disables various optimisations. So
using a literal will do.]
mk_absent_let :: Id -> CoreExpr -> CoreExpr
mk_absent_let arg body
= Let (NonRec arg abs_rhs) body
mk_absent_let :: Id -> Maybe (CoreExpr -> CoreExpr)
mk_absent_let arg
| not (isUnLiftedType arg_ty)
= Just (Let (NonRec arg abs_rhs))
| Just (tc, _) <- splitTyConApp_maybe arg_ty
, Just lit <- absentLiteralOf tc
= Just (Let (NonRec arg (Lit lit)))
| otherwise
= WARN( True, ptext (sLit "No asbent value for") <+> ppr arg_ty )
arg_ty = idType arg
abs_rhs = mkRuntimeErrorApp aBSENT_ERROR_ID arg_ty msg
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