Commit 8edc4b4b authored by MaxGabriel's avatar MaxGabriel Committed by Ben Gamari

[docs] Add missed specialisations warnings to list of those not enabled by -Wall

Enabling `-Weverything` does enable those warnings.

(cherry picked from commit b062bd10a88ea407ae91610f822f0c352909bcce)
(cherry picked from commit 24b76d1b)
parent eefac048
......@@ -82,6 +82,8 @@ The following flags are simple ways to select standard "packages" of warnings:
* :ghc-flag:`-Widentities`
* :ghc-flag:`-Wredundant-constraints`
* :ghc-flag:`-Wpartial-fields`
* :ghc-flag:`-Wmissed-specialisations`
* :ghc-flag:`-Wall-missed-specialisations`
.. ghc-flag:: -Weverything
:shortdesc: enable all warnings supported by GHC
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