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Fix building of the RTS with the NCG under Windows

parent f4b0d8b3
......@@ -192,16 +192,40 @@ data LabelAccessStyle
:: DynFlags -> Arch -> OS -> ReferenceKind -> CLabel -> LabelAccessStyle
-- Windows
-- We need to use access *exactly* those things that
-- are imported from a DLL via an __imp_* label.
-- There are no stubs for imported code.
-- In Windows speak, a "module" is a set of objects linked into the
-- same Portable Exectuable (PE) file. (both .exe and .dll files are PEs).
-- If we're compiling a multi-module program then symbols from other modules
-- are accessed by a symbol pointer named __imp_SYMBOL. At runtime we have the
-- following.
-- (in the local module)
-- __imp_SYMBOL: addr of SYMBOL
-- (in the other module)
-- SYMBOL: the real function / data.
-- To access the function at SYMBOL from our local module, we just need to
-- dereference the local __imp_SYMBOL.
-- If opt_Static is set then we assume that all our code will be linked
-- into the same .exe file. In this case we always access symbols directly,
-- and never use __imp_SYMBOL.
howToAccessLabel dflags _ OSMinGW32 _ lbl
-- Assume all symbols will be in the same PE, so just access them directly.
| opt_Static
= AccessDirectly
-- If the target symbol is in another PE we need to access it via the
-- appropriate __imp_SYMBOL pointer.
| labelDynamic (thisPackage dflags) lbl
= AccessViaSymbolPtr
-- Target symbol is in the same PE as the caller, so just access it directly.
| otherwise
= AccessDirectly
......@@ -173,12 +173,6 @@ ifeq "$(UseLibFFIForAdjustors)" "YES"
ifeq "$(Windows)" "YES"
# SDM: when compiled with -fasm the RTS currently has bogus references to
# __imp_base_ things, so working around for now:
rts_HC_OPTS += -fvia-C
ifneq "$(DYNAMIC_RTS)" "YES"
rts_HC_OPTS += -static
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