Commit 99332983 authored by Simon Marlow's avatar Simon Marlow
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Fix dependencies for the RTS

Evac_thr.c and Scav_thr.c had no dependencies
parent 45a8d0ce
......@@ -307,13 +307,14 @@ endif
# a different set of dependencies for each way. Further hack: PROFILING and
# TICKY_TICKY can't be used together, so we omit TICKY_TICKY for now.
rts_MKDEPENDC_OPTS += -Irts/sm
rts_WAYS_DASHED = $(subst $(space),,$(patsubst %,-%,$(strip $(rts_WAYS))))
rts_dist_depfile = rts/dist/build/.depend$(rts_WAYS_DASHED)
rts_dist_C_SRCS = $(rts_C_SRCS)
rts_dist_C_SRCS = $(rts_C_SRCS) $(rts_thr_EXTRA_C_SRCS)
rts_dist_S_SRCS = $(rts_S_SRCS)
rts_dist_C_FILES = $(rts_C_SRCS) $(rts_S_SRCS)
rts_dist_C_FILES = $(rts_C_SRCS) $(rts_thr_EXTRA_C_SRCS) $(rts_S_SRCS)
$(eval $(call build-dependencies,rts,dist))
......@@ -26,7 +26,7 @@ $$($1_$2_depfile) : $$(MKDEPENDC) $$($1_$2_HS_SRCS) $$($1_$2_HS_BOOT_SRCS) $$($1
touch $$@.tmp
ifneq "$$($1_$2_C_SRCS)$$($1_$2_S_SRCS)" ""
"$$(MKDEPENDC)" -f $$($1_$2_depfile).tmp $$($1_MKDEPENDC_OPTS) $$(foreach way,$$($1_WAYS),-s $$(way)) -- $$($1_$2_v_ALL_CC_OPTS) -- $$($1_$2_C_FILES) $$($1_$2_S_FILES)
sed -e "s|$1/\([^ :]*o[ :]\)|$1/$2/build/\1|g" -e "s|$$(TOP)/||" <$$($1_$2_depfile).tmp >$$($1_$2_depfile)
sed -e "s|$1/\([^ :]*o[ :]\)|$1/$2/build/\1|g" -e "s|$$(TOP)/||" -e "s|$2/build/$2/build|$2/build|g" <$$($1_$2_depfile).tmp >$$($1_$2_depfile)
ifneq "$$($1_$2_HS_SRCS)" ""
"$$($1_$2_HC_MK_DEPEND)" -M $$($1_$2_MKDEPENDHS_FLAGS) \
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