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[project @ 2000-01-25 14:40:32 by sewardj]

x86: free up all FP regs before doing a ccall.  This appears to be a
part of the x86 calling convention(s).
parent 4266041d
......@@ -1000,7 +1000,10 @@ pprInstr (JMP (OpImm imm)) = (<>) (ptext SLIT("\tjmp ")) (pprImm imm)
pprInstr (JMP op) = (<>) (ptext SLIT("\tjmp *")) (pprOperand L op)
pprInstr (CALL imm)
= hcat [ ptext SLIT("\tffree %st(0) ; call "), pprImm imm ]
= vcat [ ptext SLIT("\tffree %st(0) ;ffree %st(1) ;ffree %st(2) ;ffree %st(3)"),
ptext SLIT("\tffree %st(4) ;ffree %st(5) ;ffree %st(6) ;ffree %st(7)"),
hcat [ ptext SLIT("\tcall "), pprImm imm ]
-- Simulating a flat register set on the x86 FP stack is tricky.
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