Commit 9ea0c515 authored by simonpj's avatar simonpj
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[project @ 2004-05-06 12:28:07 by simonpj]

Better location info
parent 94356abf
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ import Name ( Name, getSrcLoc )
import NameSet
import Var ( tyVarKind )
import VarSet
import SrcLoc ( Located(..), srcLocSpan, unLoc, noLoc )
import SrcLoc ( Located(..), srcLocSpan, unLoc, noLoc, getLoc )
import Bag
import Util ( isIn, equalLength )
import BasicTypes ( TopLevelFlag(..), RecFlag(..), isNonRec, isRec,
......@@ -268,8 +268,9 @@ tcBindWithSigs top_lvl mbind sigs is_rec
-- (it seems a bit crude to have to do getLIE twice,
-- but I can't see a better way just now)
addSrcSpan (srcLocSpan (minimum (map getSrcLoc binder_names))) $
-- TODO: location wrong
addSrcSpan (getLoc (head (bagToList mbind))) $
-- TODO: location a bit awkward, but the mbinds have been
-- dependency analysed and may no longer be adjacent
addErrCtxt (genCtxt binder_names) $
getLIE (generalise binder_names mbind tau_tvs lie_req tc_ty_sigs)
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