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Give sub-binders different fingerprints (#5614)

This is a pretty egregious mistake in the recompilation checker: in a
declaration with multiple binders (e.g. data T = A | B) we were giving
all the binders the same fingerprint when referenced, so e.g. an
unfolding that mentioned A would get the same fingerprint as if it
mentioned B instead.  The fix is of course to give them all different
parent b94b8069
......@@ -500,32 +500,46 @@ addFingerprints hsc_env mb_old_fingerprint iface0 new_decls
decl = abiDecl abi
-- pprTrace "fingerprinting" (ppr (ifName decl) ) $ do
hash <- computeFingerprint hash_fn abi
return (extend_hash_env (hash,decl) local_env,
(hash,decl) : decls_w_hashes)
env' <- extend_hash_env local_env (hash,decl)
return (env', (hash,decl) : decls_w_hashes)
fingerprint_group (local_env, decls_w_hashes) (CyclicSCC abis)
= do let decls = map abiDecl abis
local_env' = foldr extend_hash_env local_env
local_env1 <- foldM extend_hash_env local_env
(zip (repeat fingerprint0) decls)
hash_fn = mk_put_name local_env'
let hash_fn = mk_put_name local_env1
-- pprTrace "fingerprinting" (ppr (map ifName decls) ) $ do
let stable_abis = sortBy cmp_abiNames abis
-- put the cycle in a canonical order
hash <- computeFingerprint hash_fn stable_abis
let pairs = zip (repeat hash) decls
return (foldr extend_hash_env local_env pairs,
pairs ++ decls_w_hashes)
local_env2 <- foldM extend_hash_env local_env pairs
return (local_env2, pairs ++ decls_w_hashes)
extend_hash_env :: (Fingerprint,IfaceDecl)
-> OccEnv (OccName,Fingerprint)
-> OccEnv (OccName,Fingerprint)
extend_hash_env (hash,d) env0 = foldr add_imp env1 (ifaceDeclSubBndrs d)
-- we have fingerprinted the whole declaration, but we now need
-- to assign fingerprints to all the OccNames that it binds, to
-- use when referencing those OccNames in later declarations.
-- We better give each name bound by the declaration a
-- different fingerprint! So we calculate the fingerprint of
-- each binder by combining the fingerprint of the whole
-- declaration with the name of the binder. (#5614)
extend_hash_env :: OccEnv (OccName,Fingerprint)
-> (Fingerprint,IfaceDecl)
-> IO (OccEnv (OccName,Fingerprint))
extend_hash_env env0 (hash,d) = do
sub_bndrs = ifaceDeclSubBndrs d
fp_sub_bndr occ = computeFingerprint putNameLiterally (hash,occ)
sub_fps <- mapM fp_sub_bndr sub_bndrs
return (foldr (\(b,fp) env -> extendOccEnv env b (b,fp)) env1
(zip sub_bndrs sub_fps))
decl_name = ifName d
item = (decl_name, hash)
env1 = extendOccEnv env0 decl_name item
add_imp bndr env = extendOccEnv env bndr item
(local_env, decls_w_hashes) <-
foldM fingerprint_group (emptyOccEnv, []) groups
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