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merge rev. to the HEAD (remove comment about multiple Main modules)
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......@@ -263,28 +263,6 @@ main = print (array (1,1) [(1,2), (1,3)])</programlisting>
<para>Dangers with multiple <literal>Main</literal>
<para>GHC does not insist that module <literal>Main</literal>
lives in a file called <filename>Main.hs</filename>. This is
useful if you want multiple versions of
<literal>Main</literal>. But there's a danger: when compiling
module <literal>Main</literal> (regardless of what file it
comes from), GHC looks for the interface
<filename>Main.hi</filename>; it uses this to get version
information from the last time it recompiled
<literal>Main</literal>. The trouble is that this
<filename>Main.hi</filename> may not correspond to the source
file being compiled.</para>
<para>Solution: remove <filename>Main.hi</filename> first. A
better solution would be for GHC to record the source-file
filename in the interface file, or even an MD5 checksum.
<para>GHC does not allow you to have a data type with a context
that mentions type variables that are not data type parameters.
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